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Tianjin subway line one

Tianjin metro line 1, is one of the tianjin metro lines, connect the tianjin beichen district Liu Yuan JinNaOu country shuanglin station, station and tianjin belongs to the urban rail transit system. Tianjin metro line 1 by tianjin subway of existing extension transformation, since October 9, 2001 e
  • Description
Tianjin metro line 1 (identification color in red), [1] [2] from the tianjin beichen district Liu Yuan in northwest region, [2] across the beichen district and hongqiao district, nankai district, heping district, hexi district, southeast JinNaOu to tianjin JinNaOu country shuanglin region [2], via south tower, telegraph building, restaurant, small white floor, binjiang road south-west corner more prosperous business district, such as 26.188 km, along the way, a total of 22 stations, including 13 underground station, eight elevated station, the ground station 1. [2]
Line 1 east extension project in the station of metro line 1 university of finance and economics and between country shuanglin station, end point in JinNaOu build the west side of the river, all 10 a total station, 15.86 km of underground station. Line 1 extension project has been started in 2013.
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