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This website is for GC Automation CO.,LTD. (hereinafter referred to as GC), management and maintenance. Use this net station please carefully read the following terms and conditions, use of this web site indicates you have been aware of and accept these terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "the terms of use"). If you do not accept the terms and conditions of constraint, please immediately stop access to this site or any web page.
1. The site use rules
On the premise of user to abide by these terms of use, GC granted to a user on this site of limited, non-transferable, non exclusive, revocable, only for your personal use of the rights of non-commercial use. In any case, this website content and services (including but not limited to the user's identity information such as user name) is allowed only for personal use and shall not be sold or transferred by the user. GC retaining special award to this terms of use shall be all right.
Users in the process of using this web site, must follow the following principles:
1) comply with all applicable laws and regulations;
2) abide by the terms of use and all related agreements, rules and procedures, at the same time, it must follow the procedures and practices related to the Internet;
3) shall not use this website to engage in illegal and criminal activities, including the fission country, anyone who instigates another to commit a crime, the infringement of computer security system, interference or confusion network services such as the act of endangering state security or damage public interests;
4) may not use this site to any possible adverse effects on the Internet work behavior;
5) may not infringe GC or GC affiliated enterprise or any other third party's patent, copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights, reputation, or any other lawful rights and interests, or damage the interests of GC or adversely affect the behavior of the gray stone.
6) unless have to comply with the other provisions of this terms of use or has been a gray stone prior approval, the user may not be for any purpose to be engaged in the following actions:
- download, copy, display, distribution, transmission, upload, publishing, distribution of this web site content;
- modify, edit, or in other ways to deduce this website content;
- transfer, resell, lease this website content or services.
7) users in the use of this web site in violation of the provisions of any of the above, GC can judge for themselves require the user to correct or to take all necessary measures (including but not limited to delete user uploaded content, suspend or terminate the user's authority to use this web site) to alleviate the impact of user behavior.
2. GC intellectual property rights
1) the user to GC or GC associated enterprises have the trademark, trade name, logo, design, product model and gray stone name, the name of this website, domain name or its derivatives (hereinafter referred to as the "GC logo") does not own any rights. The terms of use or user to the above any right or rights and interests. In without the prior written consent of GC case, the user shall not in any advertising or promotional materials, publications or on media use gray stone.
2) any information contained in this website, such as text, graphics, web content are affected by the copyright law, trademark law and/or other intellectual property rights related to the protection of the law, and its related rights owned by GC or gray stone associated enterprises or all of the content provider. Without prior consent of the gray stone or the related obligee, users may copy, distribute, disseminate, modify, edit, or directly or indirectly in any media published the content, play, or will the some content is used for any commercial purposes.
3) in gray stone or the related obligee prior consent under the premise of following GC or holder of the relevant instructions, on the basis of the user can replicate or distribute the contents of the website, but the user must ensure that the reproduction and distribution are complete and true, including but not limited to all the electronic document, the declaration of copyright and trademark, etc., also including the terms of use.
4) without the written consent of GC implement user shall not in any website to add the link to this site or any web station, will not on any other server or internet-based equipment built this site contained in any materials or third party content "structure" or "mirror".
3. Special provisions on the software download
1) any software downloaded from this web site and related documentation (" software ") of copyright and related rights are gray or gray stone stone or other software providers all affiliated enterprise. Users should abide by the terms of use 2 of the ordinance.
2) software download can users, for the purpose of personal use only and software use should follow attached or included in the software of the end user license agreement (if yes, hereinafter referred to as the "license agreement").
3) if the software with any guarantee, will only will be subject to the provisions of the license agreement. In addition to the license agreement promised, GC does not make any express or implied warranty, including but not limited to the accuracy, reliability, merchantability, apply to special purpose or non-infringement, also does not undertake any caused by installing or using the software of data loss or other loss of responsibility.
4. The external links
The site may contain links to other web sites. Please note: this some external links only provide convenience for users, not on behalf of GC management or participate in the site, nor on behalf of the user is granted access or use the license of some web sites, users should take their own responsibility (including but not limited to abide by the site's terms of use) and costs to access the site, GC are not responsible for the content of some web sites and behavior.
5. Limitation of liability
1) GC can guarantee to provide customers with service is continuous, real-time, accurate, can't guarantee the defect must be corrected in time, there is no guarantee that the services provided or the server is not affected by a virus or hacker attack by harmful ingredients such as. Services and content provided in accordance with the status quo, GC do not make any form of the service or website content the accuracy, completeness, satisfactory quality, infringement, or for a particular purpose.
2) GC reserve at any time change, increase or decrease, cancel, suspend, interrupt or stop providing services on this site (in whole or in part) without prior to inform the user's rights, GC in the exercise of these rights also need not take any responsibility to the user.
3) GC will be provided in this website as much as possible
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