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Career planning

Staff career planning
Companies to provide staff is not only a "work", more important is to provide a can strive for "career". Employees in hard work, contribute to the company at the same time, will receive their personal ability and quality, the biggest value realization of individual value. Company is very concerned about the staff's personal development, the company's human resources department and the employee's line manager is the coach and counselor staff career development, they provide for employees' personal career planning "guidance, and help the staff to achieve the" planning ".
Welfare treatment
Social insurance, pension, medical treatment, inductrial injury insurance provide powerful guarantee for the employee's work, life.
Incentives: the staff to work or to reward for outstanding achievements. Such as technical innovation, reasonable recommendation,outstanding newcomer/staff  award,etc.
Training and development: the company has a perfect training system, to provide staff personal development and learning opportunities.
Housing subsidies: the company free of charge to provide dormitory to employees, housing fund to provide housing subsidies.
Employee activity: the company organize various cultural and recreational activities for employees, including fire drill, badminton, outdoor expansion, the collective travel, party, etc., enrich the spare life of employees, also improve the team cohesion and morale.
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