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Welfare treatment

Competitive pay system:
With your personal ability to match the salary treatment, is the best reflect your personal value;
From interns to director, every job has a smooth promotion channels
Companies pay attention to employees' personal growth, provide mature internal training system and incentive mechanism;
Company will help every employee to achieve personal career planning, and hopes to individual and team grow together;
Perfect welfare:
Various social welfare (endowment, inductrial injury, maternity, medical, unemployment), Housing fund;
The Group Accident Insurance of company and added benefits, bonuses, etc.;
Paid annual leave, wedding leave, maternity leave and breast-feeding, etc.;
Caring, thoughtful management system:
Do not have to, for the occasional late company understand the traffic in ShenZhen, will allow several reasonable late;
We encourage the staff like this, because we believe that only keep good mood, to do our work well;
Rich enterprise culture activity:
Large outdoor outing activities, let you intimate contact with nature, relax;
various cultural and recreational activities for employees, including  badminton, outdoor expansion, KTV, etc., enrich the spare life of employees, also improve the team cohesion and morale.
Companies want employees to work hard and take good care of the family and lover, so every activities encourage partner to bring their families;
Sincerely invite industry elite to join.
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