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Technical advantages

GC can offer room environmental monitoring package: include monitoring of the environment (temperature and humidity), leakage monitoring (water), invasive monitoring (passive infrared + microwave, door sensor, vibration), power system monitoring (current voltage power), back-up power monitoring (current, voltage, temperature of the battery, battery, etc.), as well as the complete solution of sound and light alarm, etc.

GC in hvac field, temperature and humidity, gas, wind speed, pressure and other physical quantities of transmitter and controller, ease of integration is used, provide a complete solution.

Greg period through the professional digital circuit technology research and development design, makes the new product development, process, the circuit structure compared with the traditional sensor and transmitter have greatly improved, embodies higher measuring precision and working stability is better in product is smaller, appearance, installation, use more convenient also. Up the company's own research and development strength, the price of the product is more competitive, truly achieve the cost-effective product commitments. GC as a professional manufacturer of sensors and transmitters, has scientific and complete quality management system, can provide customers with high quality sensor and transmitter, product line includes the following:

Temperature, humidity sensor and transmitter

CO, CO2, H2 gas transducer

Such as gas, liquid pressure/differential pressure transmitter and switch
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